10 things

Here are 10 things I want to tell you about:

  1. I stumbled across Dan Harris’s 10% Happier book a while ago and was intrigued enough to watch the YouTube clip of his panic attack. It sounds like a nightmare for a newsreader to have your panic attack broadcast to over 5 million viewers but Dan has come out of this a stronger character. After going on a spiritual quest, he eventually comes across something that, by his reckoning, makes him 10% happier.
    I loved this book and read it over a couple of days. Dan isn’t known in the UK but after watching a few interviews with him, he sounds a cool guy. I’ve also discovered his 10% Happier podcast and have a couple of episodes queued up on my phone to listen to.
  2. The UK is facing the Beast from the East this week. The temperature has plunged and we’re experiencing lots of snow and all the disruption that comes with it. As a brit, we like to laugh at ourselves and when the snow hits, we marvel at how other countries just seem to cope and everything in the UK tends to grind to a halt. I’m sure that’s not entirely true, but it has made for some good debates on TV about whether headteachers should be allowed to ban snowball fights at school.
  3. And the snow is particularly fierce for me as I just came back from Florida last week where it was unseasonably warm. The temperature in the day barely dropped below 29 but it was glorious. I had no intention of buying a replacement iPad but saw Best Buy were selling them on offer for $279 (that’s about £200). In the UK, the same iPad sells for £330. I bought one and now marvel at how fast it is compared to my iPad 2.
    It’s what I use write novels on when away from my desk and it’s just been a joy to use. Very happy.
  4. Came across this video on the effects in The Last Jedi. I love these little promo reels showcasing big movies’ special effects. Watching Andy Serkis with all the motion capture gear on makes me respect him even more.
  5. On the last day in America we had some time to kill before the flight and opted for the cinema. It was a choice between Black Panther and Jumanji but in the end we went with Jumanji as it was more family friendly. Surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s not exactly deep but it kept the whole family engrossed and laughing. The cinema was Cinepolis and we marvelled at how all the seats were reclining. It was great.
  6. The only downside of the Cinepolis experience was having my rucksack searched on the way into the film. I asked the lady what she was looking for (thinking it was just sweets or drinks) and she said weapons. This was a week after the terrible Parkland shooting so understandably people were being extra vigilant. This lady told me how the week before she had a customer come back to the cinema and ask to go back into the screen because he’d dropped something in there. When challenged, it turned out he’d misplaced his handgun!
  7. I love a good haunted house story and Requiem promised to be a good haunted house story. Well-produced, and with a great premise, I think the BBC have missed the mark on this one. The main characters are dreary and horrendously stupid and the threats are too vague to make me care. One to miss.
  8. New artwork was released for the new series of Doctor Who. We’re some way off the new series but this is deliciously tantalising.
  9. I got to visit my colleagues in the London office this week. This would have been fun enough to meet colleagues, but the icing on the cake was our office is in the Shard. Boy, is that building tall when you’re stood at the foot of it. My most fun thing was telling the lift screens which floor you want to visit, for it to allocate a lift to you. Seemed really high-tech to me but probably the most boring thing in the world for the people working there.
  10. My little girl is 11 today. Yesterday, she got her high-school allocation. Time is officially broken. This can not be happening so soon.

Thanks for reading.