Doctor Who became a woman

So, here’s 10 things I want to tell you about:

  1. Doctor Who became a woman over Christmas. Now, despite what many on Facebook would have you believe, fandom is pretty excited to be getting Jodie Whittaker later this year.
  2. Black Mirror series 4 is on Netflix. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes in series 1 but dived into the episode USS Callister and it’s without doubt, one of the best television episodes I’ve seen in years.
  3. It’s been back to work week for many of us after the Christmas break. I’ve been reading How to have a good day and loving it. Some great practical approaches.
  4. I’m working on a new horror series ‘Dark Corners’. The first of these two should see the light of day before April.
  5. Get Out is a truly tense horror movie. This did not turn out to be the movie I expected, but it was far more chilling.
  6. It’s the fortieth anniversary of Blakes 7. I don’t remember the first two series being shown, but fell in love during series 3. Big Finish have a special 40th anniversary story—The Way Ahead.
  7. We’ve had new year’s resolutions for around 4000 years, with the most popular being to lose weight. Only 9% of Americans said they were successful at keeping them.
  8. I’ve recently finished reading A River in Darkness by Masaji Ishikawa. A harrowing account of his time living in North Korea. One of only a handful of books this year I’ve been truly engrossed in.
  9. I got a Google Home Mini for Christmas and love it so much I’ve ordered a second one for my office upstairs.
  10. Mid-level managers, rather than those at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, suffered the most from depression.

Thanks for reading.