Star Trek Convention and 9 other things

Here are 10 things I want to tell you about:

  1. I’m sorely tempted to go to my first ever Star Trek convention in October. Destination Star Trek Birmingham is only a couple of hours away and has loads of guests including Shatner and many from my favourite series, Deep Space Nine. I’m still gutted that I never booked tickets to see the entire Next Generation cast together when they were promoting Star Trek: Generations at the Royal Albert Hall back in 1994. That was 23 years ago. OMG. When did I get old?
  2. House of leaves is a curious beast of a book. It feels like a piece of art rather than a book and tells the story of a man discovering another man’s story whilst researching his research. It’s a book with footnotes, and footnotes within footnotes and it’s 700 pages heavy. Not one to be consumed on a kindle, this horror story is one to savour.
  3. I’ve gone back to The Correction Floor and inserted the missing scenes that I’d planned months ago. I’ve found that it pays to work on the first couple (or three) in a series before releasing any as it gives me the chance to seed moments that enrich the overall tale.
  4. Big Finish Productions have made many Doctor Who main range titles and Blakes 7 titles available to listen to on Spotify. I was going to buy a few of the early titles in their recent sale, but those same titles are on Spotify. I’m holding back until I’ve listened to a few.
  5. Annabelle Creation is part of a larger Conjuring universe. I’ve been watching this horror movie this week and love how creepy they’ve made it. I’m a massive fan of a certain type of horror movie. Nothing gory, just the creepy paranormal stuff. If you’ve not watching any of the conjuring movies, start with the first (and most successful).
  6. I’ve dug out my Doctor Who New Adventures novels in an attempt to read the last few where they lost the licence and Bernice Summerfield took over as the main character. Loving Godengine this week. Also loving the novelty of reading a paperback rather than on kindle. (Fun fact: Emmerdale’s Bernice was named after the Doctor Who character.)
  7. I’m intrigued enough by the Everlast notebook by Rocketbook to seriously consider getting myself one for work. I do spend time at the end of the week taking my handwritten notes and transferring them to Onenote for safe storage. The Everlast notebook is made of special paper that can be wiped clean and reused. With an app that makes it super simple to scan your pages and send them to your preferred cloud storage, this sounds great.
  8. Inside Psycho is a fascinating 6 episode podcast series looking at the journey in getting Robert Bloch’s famous novel to the screen. With cute reenactments of key moments, I loved it.
  9. I’ve spent a week away from the office this week to focus on getting some key tasks done. I thought it would be awesome, and it was. No 3 hour commute. No 5am starts. Time to focus.
  10. I’m sat in the pool’s cafe waiting for my daughter’s swimming class to be finished. There are probably about 30 adults around me. Half of those are in endless scroll mode on their mobiles. Not sure what that says about them, or about me, come to that, for noticing.

Thanks for reading.