A week in the life of an indie author


23 hours 10 mins on writing activities

Only 3.5 hours of which was spent on production work (effort on an actual book).

Here’s the last week’s breakdown of my time.

Saturday – 5 hours

Focus is on Amazon Ads. This seems a bit odd as I’m also very keen to get The Faceless Stratagem done and out there in time for the bookbub. Coming to the realisation that that may not be possible.

  • Amazon Ads. Keyword scraping for the Tombs Rising series – 180 mins
  • Editing on The Faceless Stratagem – 30 mins
  • Rewrote several book descriptions. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at these. Encouraged to do so by Brian Meeks’ Amazon Ads book, I’ve been disappointed for a while about the sell-through from The Remnant Keeper to The Remnant Vault. I know that 1 is free and 2 is not, but I’d hope to get higher downloads of The Remnant Vault than I’ve been getting. – 90 mins

Sunday – 5 hours 10 mins

Spent 10 hours this weekend on writing activities but only 30 mins on editing work in progress! Bit annoyed at that.

  • Asked for advice on writer’s cafe and spent some time answering replies – 30 mins
  • Finished rewriting book descriptions – 180 mins
  • Weekly review – 60 mins
  • Wrote a blog post – 30 mins
  • Responded to some readers’ emails – 10 mins

Monday – 3 hours

  • Editing on The Faceless Stratagem – 30 mins
  • Filled up the buffer social media app with the next fortnight’s Facebook posts – 60 mins
  • Amazon ads. Read a couple of chapters of Brian’s book. – 90 mins

Tuesday – 3.5 hours

I’d planned to get some editing done on The Faceless Stratagem but these other activities took all my spare time.

  • Imported 1465 subscribers after paperback giveaway to mailing list – 30 mins
  • Mailing list maintenance – 60 mins
  • Drafted a newsletter – 60 mins
  • Scheduled Facebook posts – 60 mins

Wednesday – 2 hours

Mailing list automation took my time away from editing today, but I’m confident I’ve finally got a system that works and won’t continue to demand attention. Plus, I’m now better able to track how many subscribers are staying with me through the drip-feed email campaigns.

  • Editing on The Faceless Stratagem – 30 mins
  • Mailing list maintenance – 90 mins

Thursday – 1.5 hours

Didn’t feel like I got a lot done today. My routine got messed around a little as we had the CEO in the office and I had to attend a meeting with him. Just got very tired today.

  • Editing on The Faceless Stratagem – 90 mins

Friday – 3 hours

I didn’t mean to spend quite so long on Amazon ads but I want to have an understanding in time for my bookbub later this month. Very much aware that my editing time is not what it should be.

  • Amazon Ads. Spent a big chunk of time creating keyword lists based on the Also boughts for my Tombs Rising series. It’s basically a scrape and paste into a spreadsheet. This will let me create ads more quickly. – 150 mins
  • Editing on The Faceless Stratagem – 30 mins