A week in the life of an indie author – 17 June 2017


21 hours on writing activities.

16.5 hours were spent on editing which is a massive jump from the 3.5 hours I’d managed the prior week. I reckon I’ve probably got another 30 hours to go on this editing pass before I can share it with beta readers. Based on this kind of ratio, that’s at least a couple more weeks. Damn, I’d wanted this to be done by the end of June.

Disturbingly, this is a little less than the time I spent last week on writing despite my taking a day off work 🙁

Here’s the breakdown of my time last week.

17 June – 23 June 2017

Saturday – 4 hours

Still worrying about impending Bookbub on Wednesday. Have I done everything I need to do for this?

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 2.5 hours
  • Investigated tidying up the Books page of the website. The layout isn’t great and looks a bit amateurish. Decided the effort involved could be better spent elsewhere – 0.5 hours
  • Website maintenance – 1 hour

Sunday – 3 hours

Realised that throughout the entire draft of The Faceless Stratagem, I’ve been spelling the alien’s name incorrectly. Paranoia took over and I had to go and check back through The Face Stealer to see what I’d decided upon. Mildly frustrated that I like my misspelling more than the spelling I’d settled on originally.

Feeling little overwhelmed so decided to hell with it and took Sunday afternoon off. Spent it playing Xbox with the kids and reading.

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 2 hours
  • Weekly review. The weekly review is part of my ‘getting things done’ approach to work. Every week this hour helps me establish priorities for the coming week and get things in order – 1 hour

Monday –  5.5 hours

Took a whole day off the day job to focus on making headway with editing. Amazed by how much I felt like I got done. I suit this lifestyle.

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 5.5 hours

Tuesday – 2.5 hours

Gutted after yesterday’s uninterrupted flow of work to be back fitting in writing in the cracks of the day.

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 1 hour
  • Wrote a blog post on how I spent my time as an indie author – 1 hour
  • Creative journal. I bought myself a nice little journal, 712 More Things to Write About. I’ve got writing prompt books, but I like the idea of having a journal with the prompts already in place, just waiting for some words – 0.5 hours

Wednesday – 2 hours

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 2 hours

Thursday – 2.5 hours

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 2.5 hours

Friday – 1.5 hours

The end of the week just seemed to tail off. Felt absolutely knackered though. By Friday, I just was not prepared to sit behind a computer screen anymore and edit.

  • Editing The Faceless Stratagem – 1 hour
  • Replying to readers’ emails – 0.5 hours