Author Update – Quarter 3 review

A dull title and this post may not be of much interest to many, but it helps me form thoughts and brings focus to what I’m planning to do next. Plus, of course, there is the accountability aspect—telling people what you’re about to do does wonders for motivation.

Looking back at my plans for this year, I had in mind to publish 5 books! That’s a little crazy for somebody who works full time but even crazier for someone who’s changed role. I’ve now moved to a more managerial position at my day job and that’s taken some adjustment and has stolen some of the thinking space I reserve for keeping book stuff in my head. In short, a promotion at work has slowed my writing down. I’m optimistic that this is a short-term issue and one that I’ll adjust to over the next few weeks.

So, how are my book series looking?

SeriesAvailable BooksFuture Books
Tombs0 - Operation
1 - The Face Stealer
2 - The Faceless Stratagem
Book 3 will be 2018
Tombs Rising1 - The Remnant Keeper
2 - The Remnant Vault
3 - The Infinity Mainframe
Book 4 will be 2018
Dark CornersNoneBook 1 - The Correction Floor and Book 2 - All the Darkness is Alive will be out during first half of 2018.
Short StoriesThe DrifterMidnight Guests will be 2018

The focus then is on a new horror series called Dark Corners. Ideally, I’ll have three books in the series complete before releasing any, but my eagerness to get them out may win and the first two may be out before the third is ready.