Playing Alien Isolation again


Love this game. Don’t love the glitches that can make it unplayable at the beginning. Seem to be passed those now though. Playing with Harry who at ten, arguably shouldn’t be anywhere near this game, but as long as he’s not in charge of the controllers at the point where the alien turns up, he’s okay.

Rumours of several television series in development based on the Alien franchise. Super stoked for these. TV shows can compete with films on effects far easier now, and can beat films hands down on storytelling. And there are so many possible scenarios for an alien series, not all of which necessarily need to end up with the alien as the monster.

  • A series set in Weyland Yutani showing the devilish corruption and ruthlessness of that organisation would be great. And depending on when it’s set, it could add more colour to the existing Alien films.
  • Or a series with a group of marines on bug hunts could give us the monster action we’re after.
  • Or how about picking up the Ripley connection and giving us a continuation of the Alien Isolation story?

With the right writer, I’d be happy with anything set in this dystopian universe.