Telepath Uprising

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The Remnant Keepers are a loathed group of telepaths, paid to read the last memories of the recently murdered. Jack Winston is one of the best and hates it. Join Jack in his quest to find the murderer and fight for the truth.

Front cover of The Remnant Keeper
When the dead can testify, their killers resort to desperate measures.
Front cover of The Remnant Vault
The most secret vault is in danger of being discovered.
Front cover of The Infinity Mainframe
When he presses the button, it’s all over… for everyone.

Dark Corners

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Paranormal horror novels that will make you reach for the light.

The Correction Floor Book Cover
When the shadows come looking, it’s time to hide.
The shadowmen are back, and this time they’ve brought a deadly friend.
In the dead of night, the figure at the end of your bed is waiting.
The Haunting of Classroom 6 Book cover
Six short stories take you on a twisted journey through dark fiction.
Midnight Guests book cover
Take a peek into the darkest corners with these new tales.

The Faceless Invasion

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When a reluctant analyst at MI5 is sent to spy on another agency, she soon learns that she’s not the only one harbouring secrets.

Fans of Agents of ShieldTorchwood, or The X-Files, you’re going to love a science-fiction series that you won’t be able to put down.

They told us not to believe. We shouldn’t have listened.