Dark Corners

Paranormal horror novels that will make you reach for the light.

Discover the eerie and captivating Dark Corners series, a collection of paranormal horror novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Follow Seth Loomis, a medium grappling with his haunted past, as he navigates the sinister mysteries of Ravenmeols Mental Hospital. Each instalment brings new dangers and dark revelations, perfect for readers who crave suspense and supernatural intrigue.

When the shadows come looking, it’s time to hide.

The asylum was the last place Seth thought he’d return to, but desperate and haunted by his past, he accepts a job leading a ghost hunt at Ravenmeols Mental Hospital. His skills as a medium are pushed to the limit as he confronts the madness of his childhood nightmare.

Can Seth protect his new friends from the evil lurking in the rotting building, or will he face the horrors of the correction floor alone?

The shadowmen are back, and this time they’ve brought a deadly friend.

After surviving a near-fatal fall, Seth is drawn into another paranormal investigation when his uncle makes him an irresistible offer. A disturbed artist’s painting has attracted a deadly cult, willing to kill to possess it.

Can Seth find the painting and stop the cult’s hellish plans before an old enemy dooms him to eternal darkness?

In the dead of night, the figure at the end of your bed is waiting.

Judy thought she could be a paranormal investigator, but doubts arise when she is plunged into a world of secrets and pain. Who is the woman in the shadows, and why does death follow her?

Can Judy save her family from the paranormal, or are they too busy destroying themselves?

The Haunting of Classroom 6 Book cover

Embark on a twisted journey through six dark fiction tales where eerie mysteries and unsettling encounters await. Discover why the lights flicker in the history department at night, fear what a man’s cat brings home, confront the terror of a boy’s neighbour, Crazy Larry, and experience the dilemma of a driver passing a hitchhiker. Meet a grateful customer saved by a pale stranger and an old man facing an unexpected visitor through his letterbox. Each story delves into the unknown, promising chills and suspense.

Midnight Guests book cover

Take a peek into the darkest corners with these gripping tales. A late check-in at a rambling hotel leaves a receptionist fearing for his life, a father’s unwavering love for his daughter endures beyond reason, strange attic noises warn against investigation, and a tenacious journalist tackles an unsolved police case. This collection includes the stories Midnight Guests, Cold Calling, The Noise in the Attic, and The Interview, each promising suspense and a dive into the unknown.

Telepath Uprising

Even the telepaths can’t see the chains that bind them.

In a world where telepaths are unknowingly enslaved, Jack Winston, a remnant keeper who can read the last memories of the dead, becomes a relentless target after his wife’s brutal murder. Despite constant threats, Jack hunts down killers using his unique ability. Ruby Parry, tasked with controlling unregistered telepaths, uncovers a web of deadly secrets and the largest telepath nest in the country after a colleague’s mysterious death. Together, they navigate a perilous landscape, seeking truth and freedom while facing unseen chains and hidden dangers.

In a world where telepaths extract the final memories of the dead, killers will go to great lengths to escape justice.

Jack Winston, a top Remnant Keeper, despises his job and feels trapped by a powerful corporation. When his wife is brutally murdered, Jack vows revenge, only to find himself caught in a deadly game where he’s the prey, not the hunter.

The most secret vault is in danger of being discovered.

Everyone wants Jack Winston, the remnant keeper, dead. When the police involve him in a case, his telepathic skills are pushed to the limit. As Jack reads the last memories of a mutilated victim, he becomes a target for a killer with personal vendettas. Staying alive might lead Jack to uncover hidden secrets of the vault.

When he presses the button, it’s all over… for everyone.

No one wants a rogue telepath on the loose. 

Ruby Parry is tasked with stopping rogue telepaths, but when a colleague is murdered, she uncovers the largest telepath nest in the country. Vowing to find the killer, Ruby must protect her own secrets while navigating a dangerous undercover mission.