A caravan that flies!

Marco PoloLove this photo. Looks like they were having a great time. How relaxed does Carole Ann Ford look?
It’s been a while since the last post, but this is 7 episodes long and I’ve not had the chance to post on each episode individually.
And so, to the first of the missing episodes—and it’s a tragedy that it had to be this one. I’ve got this on audio but preferred to watch the Loose Cannon recon. It’s superb. I watched an episode every few days and it never failed to entertain me.
It’s often a bit hit and miss with the missing episodes but if you haven’t watched any recons, a quick google search should prove fruitful.
Roof of the World
  • The TARDIS is quite badly affected by its environment. Is this a result of the damage of the last story?
  • The Doctor feels more like the Doctor in this story and the regulars have gelled into a family unit.
  • Marco’s voice over really works. They were trying things out that must have been quite tricky in their facilities.
  • I don’t fathom why the ship wouldn’t be warmer. Has he got no lanterns?
  • How many days have passed since Totters Lane?
  • We didn’t study Marco Polo at school. Still never had the urge to look it up.
  • Handy that Barbara’s a history teacher.
  • The Doctor’s a bit clueless on this historical figure. In modern series, he’d be the one telling the audience.
  • Susan is instantly more likeable with a girl her own age.
  • The Doctor calls it the TARDIS. Ian doesn’t then? Apparently not yet.
  • Do they not realise they shouldn’t tell Marco that it flies?
  • The plot is about escaping from the situation rather than having an effect. The Doctor doesn’t warn his companions about interfering in history.
  • Marco’s a bit cheeky giving away the Doctors ship.
The Singing Sands


  • Tegana is a great underplayed villain
  • Is the first holiday for Bill?
  • Barbara is thinking of the TARDIS as home.
  • Quite touching the scenes between Susan and Barbara. Susan really doesn’t want her teacher to go.
  • Must have been weird for viewers to not have the doctor in the episode.
  • Why are Susan and Ping Cho concerned about Tegana?
  • Why isn’t the Doctor helping? Has he really stayed asleep the whole time? The TARDIS Must surely have been safer than the tent, but I can appreciate he might not be happy showing Marco the inside.
  • What? The doctor IS in it? Now I’m confused. Why was he written out for most of the episode?

Five hundred eyes

  • Tegana is still excellent
  • What is the Doctor repairing?
  • The educational aspect shines through. Ping Cho has a great speech. That must have been fun for her to learn.
  • The pacing of this is slower.
  • Barbara is captured again. Three times in four stories.


DOCTOR: Thank you. You saved our lives.
POLO: I’m rather curious to know why you were wandering around the mountainside at night, but questions can wait until morning.
DOCTOR: Oh, there were two, young man, that I would like to ask.
POLO: Well, ask them.
DOCTOR: What year is this and where are we, hmm?
POLO: You do not know?
DOCTOR: That is why I’m asking you.
POLO: How long have you been travelling? It is twelve hundred and eighty nine and this is the Plain of Pamir, known to those who travel to Cathay as The Roof of the World.
IAN: The Roof of the World?
DOCTOR: Twelve hundred and eighty nine. Ah..