Fear makes companions of all of us

I’ve kind of ended up watching the last two episodes of the first serial this week. Wasn’t expecting that. And what else I wasn’t expecting was to actually enjoy the episodes with the tribe of Gum.
My recollection from the last time I watched these four episodes was that it was all just a bit dull and tedious after the opening episode, and that was reinforced by my falling asleep during The Cave of Skulls. But, what I actually found when I was awake enough to appreciate it, was that the story is actually quite good. Two people fighting over the right to control the tribeā€”it’s all about politics isn’t it? And the acting is good. The four regulars are giving it their all and the guest actors (who must have been bemused by the show and irritated by the fleas in that sand) were all great. No one is hamming anything up here. Admittedly, I think you’d find it hard for anyone not already a fan to appreciate this story, but I’ve found a new found appreciation for it.
  • The Doctor is still not the hero. He may be smart, but it comes across as rather tricksy.
  • He really was going to bash that man’s head in with that rock wasn’t he? What a bastard.
  • Ian is still the leader.
  • Great camera work with the skulls on fire.
  • Loved the final flight back to the ship. The regulars look like they’re really pelting it, really frightened by their predicament.

From Forest of Fear
DOCTOR: Well, try and remember, if you can, how you and the others found your way here. Concentrate on that please. 
BARBARA: Yes, yes, I’ll try. You’re trying to help me. 
DOCTOR: Fear makes companions of all of us. That’s right. 
BARBARA: I never thought once you were afraid. 
DOCTOR: Fear is with all of us, and always will be. Just like that other sensation that lives with it. 
BARBARA: What’s that? 
DOCTOR: Your companion referred to it. Hope. Hope, that’s right.
From The Firemaker
DOCTOR: Quench the fire. Take the fire away from them. Scaring them, somehow. 
SUSAN: (putting a skull on top of a burning brand) Hey, Grandfather, look! It’s almost alive. 
IAN: Not alive, Susan. Almost dead. We’re going to make four torches. We’ll find the sticks. And we’ll use the fat from the meat. And then 
SUSAN: And then? 
IAN: And then, to all intents and purposes, we’re going to die.