Just open the doors, Doctor Foreman

Blimey, that’s a fantastic cliffhanger of an image they left us with after An Unearthly Child. What the hell is causing that shadow? Answer, a rather dirty looking man. Oh.
I’ll confess to generally falling asleep during some episodes of Doctor Who. I did with this episode as well. But! Wait! I was writing until about 11 PM and waiting for Mandy to get home (I’m normally well asleep by this time). So, I watched it again today whilst putting away the ironing (laundry activities feature fairly heavily in my attempts to stay awake during Doctor Who—you’re going to think I don’t actually like the show soon).
It was much better than I remembered it being.
  • I was genuinely interested in the political struggles between Za and Kal.
  • I’m glad there’s not too much grunting.
  • What the hell were they thinking doing a caveman story straight away? But on reflection far better than the Giants episode that would have been in its place.
  • The Doctor is less annoying than I remembered him being. He’s still not the character we know and love, but there are moments of recognition.
  • Ian is ace. Viewers must have thought the show centred around him.

Ian Chesterton: Just a minute. You say we’ve gone back in time?
The Doctor: Yes, quite so.
Ian Chesterton: So that when we go out of that door, we won’t be in a junkyard in London in England in the year 1963?
The Doctor: That is quite correct. But your tone suggests ridicule.
Ian Chesterton: But it is ridiculous. Time doesn’t go round and round in circles. You can’t get on and off whenever you like in the past or the future.
The Doctor: Really? Where does time go, then?
Ian Chesterton: It doesn’t go anywhere. It just happens and then it’s finished.