Now what does the radiation read, Susan?

And this is when it all changed. For ever.
I watched this for the first time when the VHS releases came out in 1989. But, my first experience of the story was from the Peter Cushing movie. So, none of this felt especially new to me, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of it all. Even back then, my interest in the production of the show was forcing me to find comparisons between the two versions and as this was naturally longer, it was great to see all of this ‘extra’ material; almost like a director’s cut.
Watching it now I still enjoyed it. The Doctor is still surprisingly callous to his companions so not the man we come to know at all. But, he’s a scientist and an explorer and his arrogance is what puts the whole crew in danger.
I was brushing Emily’s hair during this episode and whilst she wasn’t giving it her full attention, she was certainly watching chunks of it.

  • The Doctor’s business with the fluid link is so silly. The crew don’t notice him fiddling around.
  • Are they at all suspicious about what’s happened with the fluid link?
  • The Doctor is much kinder in this episode.
  • Billy’s fluffs about the affects on Susan.
  • The food machine is nice, but a daft explanation for how it works.
  • The city looks great.
  • Separating seems an unnecessarily risky thing to do
  • Love the doors closing behind Barbara
  • Background music in the city is beautifully creepy
  • Jacqueline Hill’s scream possibly saved the show?

BARBARA: Ian, where are we?
IAN: I don’t know.
BARBARA: Well why doesn’t he take us back?
IAN: I’m not sure that he can.
BARBARA: What, ever?
IAN: I hate it as much as you. I’m just as afraid. But what can we do?
BARBARA: Well, we could at least stay near the ship.
IAN: The ship’s no good without him. We’d better keep an eye on him. He seems to have a knack of getting himself into trouble.
BARBARA: You think there’s any danger?

The Dead Planet at TARDIS data core