Business for Authors – Joanna Penn

I’m a writer. I bought this book because I’ve been reading Joanna’s blog posts for a while and listening to her excellent podcasts. This woman may not have coined the phrase indie author but everything in this book demonstrates that she is far more than an indie author; she is as she explains, an author entrepreneur.

And this book is a neatly contained package of advice for other writers looking to follow a similar path.

Joanna’s writing style is friendly and honest. She holds her hands up about mistakes she’s made in the past in an effort to help us avoid similar methods. Her pragmatism and sheer enthusiasm for her author business makes her a force of nature in the publishing world. If you ever doubt that you are a legitimate author because you want to self-publish read this book and cast those doubts aside.

My next step is to take a look through Joanna’s downloads and start work on a business plan and a production schedule. This kind of practical focus on the business side is exactly what I need.

You can check out Joanna’s page for the book here, or take a look at Amazon UK.