City of Death

I wasn’t planning on picking this up but saw it for a reasonable price on Amazon and snapped it up. If you’re not aware, City of Death is possibly one of the most watched episodes of Doctor Who but the TV story was never novelised—until now.

James Goss is the author despite Douglas Adams prominence on the cover. He’s written several Doctor Who books and does work for Big Finish Productions. I knew I was in the care of a safe pair of hands with this novel but would it do anything to capture the Adams wit.

In short, yes. In spades.

The story sees the Doctor arrive in Paris in time to get embroiled in a complex time travel scheme by an enigmatic millionaire, Count Scarlioni. The Doctor of course, won’t stand for any time travel nonsense but before he can shut down the Count’s schemes, he must first understand what on earth the Count wants with the Mona Lisa.

It’s a bonkers plot and whilst watching on TV, the sheer joy of the performances is enough to make you not notice any plot holes, but in prose form there was a danger of these standing out. James does a great job in plugging many of these.

The language is the best thing about City of Death. James brings a lightness of humour to his words and I found myself smiling at many a witty passage. This may not be Adams but his presence is felt in the kindest way imaginable.

Really worth getting.

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