Dead Man’s Gift: Part Two – Simon Kernick

I also wrote a review of Part One.

Kernick doesn’t slow down the pace at all in the second part of his Dead Man’s Gift serialised novel. I read this part pretty quickly and even though I’d left a few weeks since reading the first part, I had no problem picking up the plot again. The plot is neat and contained and with a small number of characters, you get to follow the action closely.

I’m not sure that Snope is my favourite Kernick character but he’s up there with the best. Unencumbered by the regulations of the police force like many of his character (although come to think of it, many of his police characters seem unencumbered by their own rules and regulations), Snope knows how to get things done, and does what is necessary.

The book ends with…well, let’s just say that time is ticking out.