Out of the Tower (review)

Out of the Tower takes us through the life of an ordinary girl growing up amidst a family of lies and mistrust. We watch Jemima grow from a confused young girl into a confused young woman, but one whose now able to take control of her life.
Her infatuation with her uncle is the initial focus of the book and through some wonderful insights into Jemima’s head, we experience her struggles with her feelings for this enigmatic figure.
Why her uncle left so suddenly is the mystery that is returned to several times, and keeps you hanging on until the very end. Did I work it out? I had my theories as does Jemima, but the ‘truth’ is only part of this vulnerable character’s story.
The rest of Jemima’s family are a believable bunch. I found her distant mother a particular highlight, acting sometimes irrationally, sometimes with love, but with a powerful desire to keep the family secrets safe.
Life is never neat nor orderly, and through Jemima’s life we experience the confusion, turmoil, and joy that we can all relate to.
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