Stone of Fire (ARKANE Book 1) – J F Penn

Morgan Sierra is against the clock to gather sacred stones to save her family. Is she going to do it in time. Do I care?

Yes, I actually do.

There have been comparisons between this and Dan Brown books and I’d agree that I feel the similarities. But whilst some would say that’s a bad thing, I welcome it. It’s a ‘religious quest against time’ book and fits nicely into that genre. I really, really enjoyed it.

Joanna does plenty of research and that absolutely shows in the book with passages bringing the locations and characters to colourful life. I found in some places, I’d have preferred less description just because I was keen to get on with the chase. That’s a personal preference for me though and not a criticism of the writing which is of a superb standard.

To be honest, I’ve had this sat on my Kindle for a while, and am regretting that I left it so long to read. It’s Crypt of Bone for me next. Keep them coming, Joanna!

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