The Accident – C. L. Taylor (review)

Sue Jackson’s life turns upside down when her daughter steps in front of a bus: only this wasn’t any accident. Sue begins to unravel the mystery of her daughter’s movements over the last few months and starts to find out what was going on in her daughter’s life.
I loved Sue. Driven to protect her daughter and her family, Sue is a believable mother written in an instantly likeable way. But Sue’s life hasn’t always been perfect, she’s made mistakes, and her past tale is beautifully interwoven with the present day narrative. This duality made it even more difficult to put the book down as there was always two plot strands that demanded to be read.
James, one of Sue’s ex-boyfriends is created exceptionally well. Scenes with James really lept of the page.
The story flowed with a breathless denouement that left me cheering for Sue.
I’d definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading more from C. L. Taylor.