Write. Publish. Repeat. – Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, with David Wright

I wish I’d read this book years ago. Shame these talented guys only published it this year. But, to be fair to them, they’ve been pretty busy following their own advice. If you’ve never heard from them before, check them out on the Self-publishing Podcast.
I can’t remember how I came across them, but it was probably via the podcast. I’m so glad I did though. I self-published my first novel The Face Stealer in late 2013 and since then have been working on new novels. Being an Indie Author though, is a relatively new phenomenon and quite how you’re supposed to go from being an unknown writer, to one with readers and earning money, is somewhat of a mystery. There are plenty of people out there claiming to have all the answers; they know how to get an instant readership, become successful overnight, earn millions from one book. But, basically they’re all full of it. The true secrets of becoming a successful Indie Author are contained in this book.
Actually, that’s a lie. The true secret is emblazoned boldly on the cover.
There are no secrets to self-publishing success and anyone who doesn’t want to work at it, is going to be pretty miserable. This book is a guide from being that naive author just starting out, to being a successful author. It’s doable, if you’re willing to put the hours in.
This book has been one of two I’ve read recently that has changed my attitude to being an Indie Author and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone wanting to turn a writing hobby, into a career.