When will I ever learn?

I used to love going for a run. As a man nearing his forties it’s not a bad form of exercise and has the advantage of being free (apart from the new trainers that I was treated to this year).

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at getting up at 5 am for a morning run before leaving the house for work. Now, though, it’s a struggle. It’s a double struggle to get up early as my head is always telling me that I need to get sat at my desk as soon as possible and get writing. These novels don’t write themselves after all.

So, when a friend suggested signing up for the Seaside 10K again this year, I was initially reluctant, then optimistic, then reluctant, and now am just praying that I can make it round without collapsing in a big blog of redness.

If you’ve a spare coin or two, please consider donating it to Galloway’s Society for the Blind.