The Remnant Vault

The most secret vault is in danger of being discovered.

It seems that everyone wants to kill Jack Winston, the remnant keeper. But against the odds, he keeps on surviving. How long can he stay ahead of his tormentors when the police drag him into a case that’s going to stretch his telepathic skills to the max?

A man is mutilated and murdered, but Jack can read the dead man’s remnants—his last memories. With abilities like that it’s no wonder killers hate remnant keepers, but this killer has other reasons to hate Jack in particular.

If Jack can stay alive long enough, he might find his way to the vault and learn why no one else should discover its secrets.

The Remnant Vault is the second book of the Telepath Uprising series—thrilling science-fiction novels that you won’t be able to put down.

Buy The Remnant Vault and join Jack in his fight for the truth.