Tombs Rising (Books 1-3)

Tombs Rising (Books 1-3)

The telepaths are slaves but they can’t see it yet

Feared and registered and putting their lives at risk, we despise them and yet wouldn’t be without them.

It seems that everyone wants to kill Jack Winston, the remnant keeper. But against the odds, he keeps on surviving.

Jack Winston’s life collapsed when his wife was murdered. But as a remnant keeper, he has the ability to read the last memories of the dead and use that to catch their killers. No wonder the remnant keepers are targets for the criminals.

Ruby Parry is paid to keep us safe from the telepath deviants that won’t succumb to registration. But when a colleague is murdered leaving her clues to his own death, she’s led into a world of secrets and the largest nest of telepaths in the country.

The Tombs Rising boxset brings together the first 3 exciting novels in the thrilling science-fiction series that you won’t be able to put down.

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