Day out at Ingleton Waterfalls

Mandy wanted to take photos of waterfalls, so she fancied a trip to Ingleton. It’s an hour an a half away so just about bearable. It’s in the Trough of Bowland where we recently stayed in a gorgeous barn.

It was a bit of a dull day when we arrived and the kids had no real idea of what they were in for—neither did we. The first fall is a good 40 mins from the car park, and it was a tough bit of walking to get there. I had to help keep Harry steady of he’d have tumbled off the bank. Emily was obsessed with finding slugs—the large black licorice kind.

When we got to the first fall it disappointed a bit as there was nowhere to sit and draw or anywhere for Mandy to set her tripod up.

Emily had a hot dog at a conveniently placed refreshments stand, and Harry ate ice-cream. With the kids refuelled we decided to do a full circuit knowing that it could take four hours.

Never did get to sit and draw but took photos to draw from. Not quite the same thing but once the drizzle set in, there never seemed a great time to sit and get comfortable with the sketchbook.

After four hours we made it back to the car. Harry stayed remarkably cheerful and only needed carrying a little. Emily suffered a bit and made it known. I can’t blame her though as I’d have been the same if my parents had made me walk such a long distance.