Here’s a Quick Way to Organise Your Research

I’m a big fan of Scrivener and use it for my novels and short stories.

One thing I’m less of a fan of is the storing all my research in there. It’s not one single thing I can point to—I’m just not a fan. But, I’ve been using Onenote for years and love its approach to storing information.

As well as storing my character notes, and ideas for future drafts, I use Onenote’s powerful wiki feature to world build.

  1. Create a new tab. Go wild and call it Wiki.
  2. Create a new page for the first subject you’re going to make notes on.
  3. Whilst writing, if you come across a term, or character, or event that you think will need more explaining and warrant its own entry, enclose that term in double square brackets.

    (just before hitting the last closing square bracket)

    (just after entering the last closing square bracket)
  4. A new page will be added automatically for you to come back to later and fill in.

And that’s it. Easy.
Using this method, I find myself able to more easily find the details I need to write whatever I’m working on, and can quickly add detail and link into where it’s needed.
You can also retroatively go over your notes and create pages by adding the double square brackets around  words.
If this helps, please share.