How many calories in a packet of smarties?

How many calories in a packet of smarties?

Just noticed on the packaging this message:

A tube of smarties is approximately two portions so why not share yours with a friend.

On the front of the packaging, in a nice big design:
Energy 392kj 93kcal (5%)

So you’d be forgiven for thinking the tube had 93 calories. But, in very small lettering above this design, it says this is for 17 sweets.

Has anyone with a child ever noticed this?

Hmm, I can’t find anywhere on the tube that says how many sweets were in the tube to begin with. I’m sure the nutritional information panel will explain. But, no. That gives the nutritional value per 100g or per 17 sweets.

I could make a leap and assume that 17 sweets is one of the two portions that the packaging is talking about, but since it doesn’t explicitly say how many sweets in the packet, nor how many in a portion, that’s still guessing.

So, time for some maths.

  • For 17 sweets there is 93kcal. That’s 5.47 kcal per sweet.
  • 100g is 462kcal. That’s 0.22g per 1kcal. So, in the entire 38g tube there are 173kcal.
  • 173kcal divided by the 5.47 kcal per sweet gives us 31.6 smarties per tube.

Why does the nutritional value in this case need to be so complicated?

And by the way, why use 17 for their calculations? 16 sweets is closer to half that 17.

In fact, why give us a tube with two portions in to begin with? Why not make the tubes half the size?

As an interesting aside, I found this from 2005 when they redesigned the tubes. Back then they were reassuring us that there would still be about 48 sweets per tube!  That’s the equivalent of 3 of today’s portion sizes!