Inspired or insipid

I love ‘The Writer’s Tale‘ by Russell T Davies. He’s the man who resurrected Doctor Who way back in 2003 and I quite possibly worship him for this. I am an unapologetic Doctor Who fan. The Writer’s Tale is a series of emails between Russell and Benjamin Cook as he was writing the end of the tenth Doctor’s era on television. It is unashamably honest, and quite quite brilliant because of it. I tell other writers to go and read it but I guess most of them probably turn to something a little more obvious like Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’—an equally interesting, although not quite as brilliant book.

What’s so great about The Writer’s Tale is the intimate insight into Russell’s thought processes as he crafted series four of Doctor Who. Sure, we also get some behind the scenes information and a good understanding of how the show is produced, but the meat of the book is on what’s going through Russell’s mind as he panics and panics and throws word after word onto the page to bring us the show we love.

It’s Russell’s honesty in revealing his fears as he writes, and the despair he often finds himself in as he keeps pushing deadlines that makes the book a page turner. But, for me, as a writer, it’s his obvious love for story and characters that make this a shining example of a ‘how to write’ book. There are no rules, no rigid plot structures that must be followed, there is just the love of story and making the characters true.

Why am I sharing my love for this book? Well, it’s the reason I’ve started this blog. I’ve just started writing another novel and I want to document some of my thought processes as I’m writing it. In doing so I hope that I might be encouraged to keep up the pace as I’ll feel I’m being held accountable, but also I hope to learn a little bit more about what I enjoy about writing in the process.

Maybe, if you’re reading this and are thinking of writing a novel you’ll heed some advice I once got from a brilliant man…

“Get Started Now!”