Lazy, stupid writer

So, a few weeks of not doing any writing and I think I can just waltz back in here and slam down my 500 words and say ‘Take that you stinking novel.”

But I just have. All is not lost. I’ve had a family holiday, then a busy period at work, and now I can at last refocus my free time on my writing.

And it is a hard thing to do. After getting into a habit of 500 words a day (still I realise a minimal amount by most writer’s standards), it’s pretty hard to coerce those jumbled fragments onto the page.

I read a post on Medium about how a writer came to their novel only to realise they’d killed it. I’m not sure I’m quite at that stage, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment. A novel needs a pulse, and a break, especially one towards the end of the first draft process, can harm your chance of keeping your work breathing all the way to the end.