Little old lost lady

I’ve a story to tell. I’m not proud. I think I could have done better. I hope she’s OK.

On Wednesday lunch after a quick work time drink (lemonade) in the pub, a gentle elderly Asian lady approached me. She had a leaflet in her hand and started talking to me in her language. The only word she could say in English was ‘Liverpool’.

The leaflet was for a Mersey Cruise ferry trip and would take her from Salford Quays to Liverpool. Only thing was this leaflet was just abysmal, and after studying it for about five minutes, I couldn’t fathom where she was meant to catch the boat. I’m not just saying that, I was with two colleagues and there was a little map of Salford Quays, but no where did it clearly say CATCH BOAT HERE!

I didn’t know what to do so pointed her in the direction of the Lowry Outlet Mall. There’s quite a bit of activity there and in my mind that seemed the only sensible place a boat would pick up passengers.

Then we left her. She started walking in the direction I’d indicated, smiling and happy as could be (but she must have been rather apprehensive).

It was only when I got back to the office, did I realise that I had my mobile phone on me, and the leaflet she’d shown me had the booking number very prominently displayed. I could have just rung the number and got her the information she needed.

I guess sometimes, we all get stuck in the detail when there’s an obvious solution to our problem.

(This evening I checked on the website where the embarkation point was, and it turned out that I did the right thing. If she managed to make it to the Lowry she would have found the boat.)