So, I also sketch a bit

I’ve been sketching off and on since I came across Danny Gregory’s book The Creative licence. It was the first time I realised that drawing can be worth doing just for the sake of it. No one cares if I’m a good drawer or not, but if I get some pleasure from it, then it’s worth doing.

One thing I’m not happy about though is my inability to draw faces. I know I’m contradicting my previous paragraph but it does irk me a little that my faces tend to come out, looking a little squished and not as cool, or full of the vigour that I’d hoped.

But I do practice. I’ve taken to drawing faces from a Doctor Who Magazine special about missing episodes. The magazine has printed telesnaps of the episodes so I’ve got lots of black and white head shots to draw. The advantage of this, is that the faces are so unfamiliar that it doesn’t matter how they come out. As opposed to drawing family members who get a bit upset when they expect a masterpiece and don’t get it.

Anyway, here’s some pictures I’ve done recently. Prizes for working out who they are.