Status update

46,743 words. I’m pretty chuffed with this. 500 words (or thereabouts) a day and I’ve made some decent progress with my next novel.

I’m not thrilled about everything though.

  1. I’m writing a sizable chunk in first person. I’m not a massive fan of writing like this. I find myself counting how many sentences I’ve started with the word I and tie myself in knots working around it. But since I want to grow as a writer, I’m determined to learn about doing this successfully.
  2. Despite initially wanting to keep the cast of characters quite low, the world I’ve created means that my protagonist is going to keep meeting people. My Onenote file has 21 character sheets now to help me keep track of names. And that leads neatly to…
  3. Minor guilt about not getting round to fleshing out some of these character sheets yet. I still haven’t done it for my protagonist and all the advice from writing books I’ve read over the years continues to nag away at me. “Know your characters”, “Know what kind of toothpaste they use, what their favourite coffee is,” and so on. I just haven’t found the time, to write, and plump up my background notes.
  4. An interesting character has come in that I wasn’t expecting and wants a bit more attention than I am ready to give. She could be helpful to the protagonist, so I feel a bit guilty that she’s been left out in the cold for now.
But the positives, let’s not dwell on the negatives.
  1. 46,743 words. Hey, that’s good. And there’s every chance that I’ll keep a good chunk of that material.
  2. Scrivener is a great tool and although I haven’t mastered it, I use what I need and it’s helping a lot.
  3. I still like the story. Every now and then, the characters are going off and surprising me. The world is interesting enough that I could stay and explore it for a while.