Status update

So, I feel like things are ticking along quite nicely. I’m not sure if I’ve missed any days since keeping to my unambitious 500 words a day target, and what I’m finding is that on many days I’m ending up on 600+. This makes me happy. One day in the very near future I plan on putting together a high-level plan for when I hope to get this thing finished.

My status today indicates that I could hit my first draft in 122 days, that’s December 6th (according to

Let’s say another month to get to a second draft, and I could be in a good position at the start of 2014.

This does mean that I’m probably going to knock nanowrimo on the head this year. Although I could use the time to increase my word count over that period, I don’t think I want to force myself to do that artificially. I’m happy to let my daily word count grow organically (like it is at the moment).