Status update

I’m a little bit chuffed. I just checked what date I’ll hit my 80,000 word target on using Days from now and discovered I’ll hit it on 6 December. That was the date I had a few weeks ago, so despite a few days of failing to do any writing, the days when I go over my 500 words a day target, are helping me catch up.

However, 500 words a day isn’t all I need to do to move my writing career forwards. I’ve a list (I’m quite fond of lists) of activities that I think will help, but I’m normally so chuffed after hitting my target for the day that I fail to even look at that list.

The activities are either to help me build my ‘writer platform’ which should make it easier to reach a wider audience and sell more books, or they’re jobs to help sell my first novel The Face Stealer. At the moment, I can rationalise away doing any of these tasks as realistically I don’t expect to be in a strong position to market The Face Stealer until I have my current book on the market. That’s not to say I shouldn’t do anything about building a writer platform now, but being brutally honest, if it gets in the way of the 500 words a day target, it’s superfluous.