The Drifter and other stories

It’s been a fun but hectic week getting this finished.
You can get a copy at Amazon UK or Amazon US (or wherever there’s Amazon).
Here’s the description on Amazon:
Lock the door. Then check it again. This first spine-tingling collection of short stories from Robert Scott-Norton will trouble your sleep and question your reality.
The Ticking Blackbird – When the cat brings Mark a special gift, he starts to question his own existence.
The Girl who Jumped – The lights are on again in the school. But, it’s supposed to be empty. Echoes of the past reach out to avenge.
Rose Vandals – Crazy Larry loves his flowers and would get very upset if he thought anyone would mean to harm them.
Man on the Moss – One man learns the perils of hitchhiking. Whatever happens, don’t slow down.
Working the Dead – A heroic gesture, an old lady, and a packet of biscuits. Keeping a low profile when you’re dead isn’t as simple as it used to be.
The Drifter – A Tombs short story – When Laura sees the lights in the sky, she has to investigate. But what can one girl do when the drifter settles into its new home?