The Tombs are rising

Wooo, spooky stuff. The Tombs ARE RISING. But, what the heck are the Tombs? Why should you care? I’ll tell you in a moment.

Last month I released a collection of short stories. The Drifter has surprised me by doing well without much help from me. It was always meant as a little something to help introduce the Tombs series and I think it will continue to do that. Although my focus is still very much on novels for the forseeable future (possibly forever), I’ve still got a fondness for shorts and do occasionally get that itch to write one down. Maybe when I’m in my next editing sprint I can write one or two.

But, anyway, my current work in progress is nearing the final stages. Tombs Rising is my next series which I’ll be releasing in late Autumn and I’m mega-excited about it (do people still say mega?). There will be three books initially, probably released very quickly and they’re set in the near future. It’s the kind of thing I love to read—you’re going to love it to.

And, I don’t really do cover reveals. Not my thing. Not sure what the point is….so this next thing isn’t that…no, it’s more a cover…tease. Yes, that’s what it is, a cover tease.