The Tombs Legacy

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I talk a fair bit about what my grand plan for fiction is. Hell, sometimes I talk about it so passionately, I convince myself that the whole thing is a done deal. Only, it’s not quite so straightforward. There is definitely a plan, and a plan for getting to the end goal, but until it’s all actually written, who’s to say that my end goal will stay the same?

I’m talking years of future writing projects here. Things might change.

But, if they do, it won’t be drastic. The whole idea of having an umbrella plan for my fiction was that I could work in different genres and not worry so much about upsetting a fan of a particular genre. The pay off for the reader comes in the book they’re reading. The second pay off comes for that reader when they read the rest of the books in that series. The third pay off comes to the reader that reads across the series.

I’m the third kind of reader, and I’m writing this way because I love it. The subtle intricacies of story elements crossing from one tale to another; characters being seen in different lights from different points of view; stories demonstrating that genres aren’t some tight-walled prisons that won’t let the cool things escape. It’s all good.

And with the release of every book, things are getting one step closer.

Soon, very soon. But, probably not as soon as that, there will be more books in the Tombs Legacy to enjoy. I can’t wait to share them.