What lies under this lake?

In The Face Stealer, this lake is pretty important. The opening scenes take place there and Max finds himself drawn back to the area shortly after escaping from another ‘Blank’.

I’ve lived in Southport pretty much all my life and so the Marine Lake is very familiar to me.

The man-made lake was created in 1892 and was made in part to compensate for the sea retreating from its shoreline. Anyone coming to Southport beach may be surprised by how far out the sea can sometimes be from the shoreline.

The boatyard scene was absolutely inspired by my stopping at the top of a sand bank to take my own pictures of the lake, and being reminded of its existence. Once I knew it was there, it seemed a great idea to have a chase around abandoned boats.

The lake is enormous. Living in the area and driving past it on a regular basis, it’s easy to take it for granted, but hopefully these pictures show for a man-made lake, it is impressive.