What’s wrong with my book cover?

I’ve had an interesting bit of feedback with some people on G+ in my favourite writing community. If you’re a writer and you haven’t checked out G+ you’re missing out. This writing community is my favourite and you’ll find all the network support you’ll ever need from your fellow writers.

There’s a section to post your own book cover designs for feedback. For a little while I’ve grown unsure over the cover for The Face Stealer. I made the cover myself (probably a blog post of its own) using a stock photo that seemed to fit the bill. I wanted something rather abstract and a little bit ‘cool’ urgh, that’s asking for trouble isn’t it? But, when I compare it to others in a similar vein, it really stands out. Now, is standing out a good thing or is it just going to alienate readers-make them unsure as to what genre the book actually is in?

So, I asked for feedback and I got it.

Here’s the post and feedback

Overall, I think it was well worth asking. Next time I might even ask for feedback before I publish the book…