Face your fear of talking to groups

Romain Gérard : Speech balloons by Marc Wathieu, on Flickr
Another great week at Southport Writer’s Circle.
I knew that I was expected to read something this week so had something ready, and not for one minute during the evening did I get anxious about reading it in front of this group of still relative strangers. This is one of the ways that attending the group has made me more confident, not just with my writing, but with speaking in front of groups of people.
Richard Carlson said to give up your fear of talking in front of people:
Another factor to consider is this: if you’re frightened of speaking to groups even a little bit, you may avoid doing things that could greatly benefit your career, give you a promotion or more responsibility, or an advancement of some kind.
And he’s absolutely right.
I hate speaking in front of groups of people. They don’t have to be strangers, hell, I hate talking in front of groups of colleagues I’ve known for years. Reading your own fiction to a group of people, is far riskier than giving a presentation at work. The fiction is after all, a part of you; it’s your lifeblood.
By taking a little step into the unknown, a few feet away from your comfort zone, there may be an opportunity to grow-and it might not be in the area you were planning on.

Image attribution Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  Marc Wathieu