Great minds pulling together – Winter Words

Perhaps the best thing I did last year to help my writing career was to join a local writers’ group. Southport Writers’ Circle has been going since 1971 and has a great mix of writers and poets.
Our chairman compiled this great little collection of some of our work and it’s available now on Amazon UK and Amazon US.
I was hesitant about joining a writers’ group but wished that I’d done it so much earlier. Having friends (and they became friends very quickly) to share ideas with and get feedback on work means so much to me. And getting volunteers to become a beta reader on my next completed novel was a breeze. When you’re starting out, this kind of feedback is so important.
So, if you’re sitting on the fence about joining a group, stop wasting time and get your arse along to a group. You’ll make friends and get a whole load of support.