Is Wattpad the future for new writers?

Wattpad is the hip new place to be.
I had no idea about Wattpad until I heard it mentioned in a podcast a couple of weeks ago. More shame on me.
The idea of Wattpad is tremendous. Anyone can create free fiction for others to read. What a fantastic starting ground this is going to be for writers starting out.
There’s on denying that even after years of writing, I’m still starting out in many ways, and so I’ve decided to make The Face Stealer available on Wattpad for everyone to enjoy.
I’ll be publishing a chapter a week on the site but if that isn’t fast enough for you, you can always sign up to my mailing list and I’ll send you the full novel now. Or if you want to support my work, you can buy a copy from Amazon UK or Amazon US or Kobo or Apple (also available in paperback).
I’m excited by this. Just think how many thousands of new writers are able to get immediate feedback on their work as they’re progressing. What a fantastic way to learn their craft.