Getting ready for next year


2020 has been a bit shit for everyone hasn’t it.

I’m lucky. I’ve had a steady job throughout and my family have remained well.

My publishing plans on the other hand, haven’t been as healthy. Just two books published against my ambitious plans of having four published.

It’s been difficult to focus on getting words on the page. Nanowrimo has helped with the new book but even my momentum has stalled on that project. But as we’re about to head into a new year, it’s time to make new plans. I still have a plan to release 4 books this year—1 every quarter. It’s perfectly doable without the need for me to work myself into the ground.

And it comes back to momentum.

Momentum builds from habit.

For me, that means I need to write 1,200 for 60 days a quarter, leaving me a month to edit and publish before moving onto the next book.

Today is day 3 of this new found optimisim.

Let’s see how this goes.